Can I submit AI-generated images or text?
We do not accept or critique anything AI-generated, as the current technology is based heavily on unauthorized use of copyrighted content. We also will not accept AI-derivatives, or larger works with any AI component, for the same reason.

Where did the name “Procrastinating Writers United” come from?
We originally wanted a pithy, pun-y name that incorporated writing, or maybe theatre, or maybe something about being teen writers…? Nothing hit quite right, so we stuck with the obvious choice: a literal description of what we were – and are!

What compensation does PWU offer to contributors?
Contributor compensation differs depending on the specific call, but anthology calls typically include two digital copies (one ebook as EPUB or MOBI, and one PDF) of the anthology. Submissions are free, and always will be. PWU is a labor of love, and we receive no grants or outside funding. We’re currently not a paying market but we hope to become one someday! Our publication is intended to serve as a platform for creators to see their work in print, and any possible profit from the current anthology is put toward future projects.

Does PWU meet in person?
PWU currently meets in The Arts Fund Community Gallery on Fridays from 2-4PM. Interested creatives are welcome to drop in for part or all of the meeting. Excepting days when we have a particular agenda (which will be posted ahead on our Instagram), these meetings are open creative time! Bring your own project and work alongside us. Occasionally we also play games.

What’s the difference between name and pseudonym? Which should I use?
Short answer: there isn’t a huge difference, and you can use whichever you want to! Your name is your preferred contact name, and can be your nickname, first name, first and last, or whatever combination you typically go by. Your pseudonym might be a moniker you use online, a username, or something you use for anonymity of publication. If you want us to call you “Eva C.” but prefer to publish works under the name “Death Penguin,” those would be your name and pseudonym respectively. If you want us and everyone else to know you only as “Eva C.,” leave the pseudonym box blank. If you want us and everyone else to know you only as “Death Penguin,” put that in the first box and leave the pseudonym box blank.

If my work is chosen to be illustrated, can I repost or use the illustration elsewhere?
Any illustration made specifically for your work may be used non-commercially with credit to the creator. For specifics, read Ceilidh’s terms of service here.

How do I share my work to be viewed / edited online?
Our suggestion-based editing is done in Google Docs. However, there are alternatives if you are not a Google user; you can upload and share your work via link using other file storage services. Here are a few we recommend, with linked instructions on how to use each one:

Rights and Housekeeping

PWU’s editors may offer editorial suggestions and grammatical/proofreading edits prior to publication and/or request revisions if the work is not yet ready for publication. We claim non-exclusive one-time rights and non-exclusive archival rights, but the copyright of your work always remains yours. We may reach out to you about posting excerpts from your works with credit on our various social media platforms, but we will not post your work(s) without express prior permission.

Our anthologies—after initial marketing, launch, potential pre-order period, and sale—will remain for purchase at cover price on our platform of choice in perpetuity. Because this is not a paying anthology, and some production fees may be paid out-of-pocket by PWU staff, all proceeds from purchases of the anthology will go toward recouping printing costs, distribution costs, and future projects.

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