Procrastinating Writers United is a group of people that enjoy fiddling about with words. Their goals include sharing and improving their work, and exchanging constructive critique and encouragement. The group was founded in 2018 by Eva, Ceilidh, and a typewriter. Membership is not limited to writers; all disorganized creatives ​are welcome!


Eva / Prose Editor is a professional overachiever by day and amateur media overanalyst by night. She’s been an on-again-off-again writer & editor since the early years of her life—her more recent literary exploits include the senior editorial of GAYGENDA Magazine, collecting half-formed drafts filled with gratuitous em dash usage, ranting semi-coherently on the internet about genre television shows, and allegedly publishing the occasional fanfiction (but you didn’t hear that from her).

Ceilidh (kale) / Poetry Editor has practiced various art forms for over a decade, and enjoys theatre, visual art, composing, whispering sweet nothings at the sky, photography, and writing. They have “had a piano hobby” for over thirteen years. Though often asked what they want to be when they “grow up,” they have no intention of doing so (it sounds too serious). Aside from the arts, they also enjoy making bird noises, pretending to be a dragon, and cantaloupe. They can usually be found with a pen in their hand, pocket, hair—or at least somewhere in their general vicinity.

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